Mariano for Governor

How I would fix the Economy

As governor, I will work hard to invest in our local businesses and create higher-paying jobs. I propose diversifying our economy by reintroducing an emphasis on agriculture, farming, and fishing. These trades will provide jobs to business owners and help make Hawai’i self-sustaining and ensure our food security in times of crisis. I will revise our state tax laws and codes to reduce and/or eliminate the General Excise tax placed on local businesses, food, and medicine. Additionally, I will provide tax incentives to businesses who commit to investing in our economy and respect our Hawaiian culture and way of life. I plan to bring back the Super Ferry to reduce the cost of inter-island travel for local families and businesses.

Furthermore, I will work with legislators to modify the Jones Act, change the language so Hawai’i is recognized as a state instead of a territory, and eliminate the 21% tax placed on local businesses and families. This modification will create higher paying jobs, open competition, and lower shipping costs. I am also supportive of a statewide lottery and a concerted effort to reduce the size of our state government. Our local government is too big, and it’s a major tax burden for kama’aina.

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